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About Us

What makes us different

Experts in Neurovascular Surgery

Trillium Neurointerventionalists are among the most experienced in the nation for treating a variety of potentially life-threatening neurovascular conditions and diseases, including:

Using an array of surgical and minimally invasive neurointerventional treatment options, our neurovascular neurosurgeons collaborate to seek the best technique — or combination of techniques — for your neurovascular disease or condition. In our neurovascular surgery program, we:

  • Focus on sophisticated treatments that enhance the ability of our doctors to minimize damage and maximize the benefits of surgery.
  • Hold weekly meetings to determine the treatment options that give patients the best chance to return to normal functioning.
  • Are experienced in new techniques and tools for neurovascular surgery.

Our Team

Dr. Sumit Jhas MD, MSc, FRCSC

Neurosurgeon and Neurointerventionalist

Dr. Mehdi Shahideh MD, MASc, FRCSC

Neurosurgeon and Neurointerventionalist

Dr. Domonic Rosso MD, FRCPC

Neuroradiologist and Neurointerventionalist

Dr. Adrian Fawcett MD, Phd, FRCPC

Stroke Neurologist and Neurointerventionalist

What do we treat

Neurovascular Conditions

Arteriovenous malformation (AVM)/fistula

Cavernous carotid fistula (carotid-cavernous sinus fistula)

Carotid Stenosis

Brain (cerebral) aneurysm

Cerebral cavernous malformation (cavernous angioma, cavernous hemangioma)

Cerebral hemorrhage

Extracranial or intracranial vascular disease (carotid or vertebral stenosis/atherosclerosis)

Moyamoya disease

Sinus thrombosis

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage


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